You've reached the site of: Siberian sleddog team & Kennel - "Kalirraq".

Kalirraq is an Inuit word and it means: "The sound of a sled (dogs and sled) on the snow".

Meaning of the word Kalirraq

On this website you will find our experiences and our lives with our purebred Siberian Huskies.

We try to contribute to a healthy breed which is fit for its function: pulling a relatively light load at moderate speeds over great distances and able to withstand harsh winter conditions.

We also would like to provide information about the Siberian Husky to anyone who likes the breed and is thinking about buying one. Be prepared to change your lifestyle though.

Since we are based in the Netherlands it is rarely possible to have our dogs run on snow at home. Therefore we spend most of our vacations abroad in the snow. But if we are lucky, like in December 2010, we can have the dogs also run in front of the sled from home: