We are Ivar and Ineke Groen, we live in Den Ham since 2006. In 2000 we bought our first pure-bred dog. We both grew up with animals and particularly dogs. We preferred the Siberian Husky. After we had read much about it, we decided that a Husky would not be a good choice at that time. Our children were still very young and a Husky requires the necessary attention. But because Ineke really wanted something to do with a dog, we decided for  a hound: the Beagle. When we had four huskies we were convinced that the Beagle is more labour intensive and requires more attention than the four Huskies all together. Therefore we soon realised that if we could handle a Beagle that a Siberian Husky should also be possible. So one year later we bought Kaia. As you start to work with one Siberian Husky in front of the bike and kick-bike, you realise that two Huskies would be more fun. And when started to look into working in front of the sled; four Huskies seemed really to be the minimum. After seven years, we had our first sleddog team. As soon as the temperature permits we start training in the forest. We start by running the dogs in pairs in front of a kick-bike.

For our first experience with the dogs in the snow we spent a week in the Czech Republic. We found working with the dogs great. The place where we learned the basics of mushing, appealed us less though. The following year we went to Sweden, for the first time in the winter, and we liked it very much. We have discovered a great location. And most years we drive in our old converted van to Norråker, on the border of Lapland, to spend our Christmas holiday. Norråker is a very small village with just a shop, a gas station and a restaurant. But it has beautiful trails which we can use right from the camp site. If you can not stay that long than it's great that you, without having to make your own trails, can take the dogs out on the trails. For nearly two weeks, they run in front of the sled and if possible, we repeat that in the spring.

When we get back home, we still continue to train here with the dogs to possibly return to Sweden in May. But if we can't, it is still great and necessary to train the dogs before they get their rest during the summer.

In the meantime has our hobby, the dogs, become our passion. In addition to raising and training the dogs, we are also busy in other canine areas. In 2006 and 2007, Ivar followed and successfully completed KK1 and KK2 (Cynological knowledge). In 2013 followed by a course E&B (exterior and movement) for breeders. Ineke studied to be a obedience instructor. She worked as such in various dog-schools as well in our own dog-school. We had to stop our own dog school because it consumed to much time from our own dogs. In 2013 she started the course KK1 and since then she passed the exams KK1, KK2 and E&B in consecutive years. In April 2016 she passed the conformationjudge-exam for the Icelandic Sheepdog (Islenskur Fjárhundur). In october 2016 she passed the judge-exam for the Siberian Husky. She now is the only FCI authorized judge in the Netherlands who owns Siberians and runs them in harness.

In 2008 we registered our kennel name.