Gayutec Chenoukwa van Beroheim N.H.S.B.2534593
Born: 2004-11-20
S: Keltif Per Olaf N.H.S.B.2311711
D: Bacon's Chenoukwa Sedov van Beroheim N.H.S.B.2194033
Torgrim is, like his half-sister, a gentle dog. Torgrim enjoys working both in front of the kickbike and in front of the sled. Usually he runs team position. Although he is not a lead dog, he runs with Ineke often at lead position, because he's better responding to the commands than Marit with her. All our dogs go to puppy training the first year. Torgrim enjoyed it very much, so then he did an obedience course with Ineke, and he performed very well.
Komaksiut's Marit N.H.S.B.2585754
Born: 2005-11-18
S: Glacier of Jedeye SHSB 634408
D: Komaksiut's Leddy N.H.S.B.2458735
Marit is our lead dog, a very hard worker. Marit has a strong character. She was with us for a very short time when she took the leadership from Kaia. Marit governs the rules of the pack. She does so, as it should, with a firm 'paw'. This is observable in daily contact with our dogs, but is also very strong when she is at work. Marit responds well to commands, and directs the team to ensure that everyone participates and contributes. She did this ever since she was a young dog, which is quite special.
Komaksiut's Odin N.H.S.B.2642350
Born: 2007-01-27
S: Ch. Komaksiut's Ilaranaitok N.H.S.B.2306375
D: Nadja Av Vargevass N.H.S.B.2275145 Import Norway NKK 2646/00
Odin was born in Sweden and we have met him there a few weeks after birth and were in love with him right away. Odin is in the first place a very hard worker. Once the sled or kickbike slows down, he puts up another notch and feels that he has to work harder. Odin is a true wheeldog. Odin is a very cheerful uncomplicated dog. As he is inside at night, he is enjoying playing with a toy, hiding it under the carpet and than he searches it again. Pups should leave him alone though.
Kalirraq Agna N.H.S.B.2768690
Born: 2009-10-20
S: Toleks Bådd S19397/2003
D: Komaksiut's Marit N.H.S.B.2585754
Agna has a very pleasant and open character. She's very friendly and uncomplicated and still very playful. In the pack she's allowed to perform more and more tasks from her mother, but she does not have the same leadership qualities as her mother. She runs in lead and is getting more confident each season. She works very hard and executes the commands beautifully. She has no problems with any dog running next to her.
Kalirraq Carsten N.H.S.B.2934033
Born: 2013-08-03
S: Lappland Dream Icon SE42972/2010
D: Kalirraq Agna N.H.S.B.2768690
Carsten is a big and very friendly dog but with a strong and independent mind. His special friend is his brother Collin. He runs in wheel position, which suits his character.
Kalirraq Charlotte N.H.S.B.2934038
Born: 2013-08-03
S: Lappland Dream Icon SE42972/2010
D: Kalirraq Agna N.H.S.B.2768690
Charlotte is a very stable dog and not afraid of any of the other dogs. Already as a pup of a few weeks old she stood up against her grandmother, while all other dogs (including the adults) backed off. She's not as hard on the other dogs as Marit though. She's got this born authority about her, which makes her stand out. She gets along with all dogs and people she knows. Towards some strangers she might react a little shy/reserved. She's still to young to lead and runs point/team.
Kalirraq Chuchi N.H.S.B.2934035
Born: 2013-08-03
S: Lappland Dream Icon SE42972/2010
D: Kalirraq Agna N.H.S.B.2768690
Chuchi loves to cuddle with people. He also tries this so hard with the other members of the pack that it is to overwhelming for the other dogs and they let him know. Because of this he's often forced to be kind of a loner. He loves to run and is then also very energetic. He is running in team-position.
Kalirraq Collin N.H.S.B.2934037
Born: 2013-08-03
S: Lappland Dream Icon SE42972/2010
D: Kalirraq Agna N.H.S.B.2768690
We took Collin back after a couple of months. He had than become very timid and shy. The first winter we had him run in wheel position besides Odin or Carsten. It is when he gained confidence. Next season we put him besides Agna as co-lead to keep up the pace. It's this move that made him shine. He can run any position in the team, but it seems that the co-lead position is really his thing (without the stress of the lead position).


Empress Chenukwa van Beroheim N.H.S.B.2377650
2001-11-20 - 2013-09-04
S: Ginis Branag Lena van Beroheim N.H.S.B.2135066
D: Bacon's Chenoukwa Sedov van Beroheim N.H.S.B.2194033
Kaia was a sweet and gentle dog. Initially, Kaia had the leadership over the dogs, this changed when Marit came. Kaia was a great help in training the young dogs. She understood the commands very well and with a young dog she took the lead. She didn't enjoy working in front of the sled and the kickbike so much and at the age of seven she enjoyed a well deserved retirement. She was still helping training the young dogs. In front of the sled Kaia usually ran at wheel position. Until a week before she died she enjoyed agility during her retirement.