"A" Litter


Komaksiut's Marit N.H.S.B.2585754
Born: 2005-11-18
S: Glacier of Jedeye SHSB 634408
D: Komaksiut's Leddy N.H.S.B.2458735
Marit is our lead dog, a very hard worker. Marit has a strong character. She was with us for a very short time when she took the leadership from Kaia. Marit governs the rules of the pack. She does so, as it should, with a firm 'paw'. This is observable in daily contact with our dogs, but is also very strong when she is at work. Marit responds well to commands, and directs the team to ensure that everyone participates and contributes. She did this ever since she was a young dog, which is quite special.

Pedigree Marit 

Results hip research Marit

Results eye research Marit - 2009



Toleks Bådd S19397/2003
Born: 21-12-2002
S: Nayouk S35857/94
D: Koyanokks Chinook S43373/97

The breeder/owner of Toleks Bådd writes the following about him:
Bådd tillhör Chinooks andra kull. Kullen bestod av 8 valpar (5 hanar och 3 tikar). Bådd är en utmärkt weeldog, stor kraftig och arbetsvillig, mycket bra social kompetens med stort tålamod med valpar tex.
I kullen så var det 4 st som var röd/bruna, 4 st som var svart/vita. Två av hundarna är blå ögda Bådd är en av dom sedan så är det 3 st som har ett blått öga. Vi har 6 st av kullen här på kenneln, en är i Norrköping och en i Kiruna/Malmberget. Alla hundarna utom den som bor i Norrköping används till drag och fungerar mycket bra, hanen som är i Norrköping är familjehund men dom har varit och kört lite vagn hos någon kennel i närheten.
Bådd är alfa individen i flocken och håller ordning på ett mycket bra sätt, inte för tuff och inte för mjuk.

Bådd comes from Chinook's second litter. The litter consisted of 8 puppies (5 males and 3 females). Bådd is an excellent weeldog; big, strong and willing to work, excellent social skills and very patience (with puppies for example).
In the litter there were 4 dogs that were red / brown, 4 dogs that were black and white. Two of the dogs are blue eyed, Bådd is one of them, three of the dogs have one blue eye. We have 6 of the litter here at the kennel, one lives in Norrköping and one lives in Kiruna / Malmberget. All dogs, except the one that lives in Norrköping, are used for dogsledding and work very well. The male who lives in Norrköping is kept as a family dog, but they've been to a kennel closeby to them and had him pull a little cart.
Bådd is an alpha individual in the flock and maintains order very well, not too tough and not too soft.

Pedigree Bådd 

Veterinary certificate Bådd


What do we want to achieve with this combination?

We would like to retain some properties of Marit. These are the following:
- Health (Marit has never been sick)
- General build
- Shape of her eyes (they are really almond-shaped)
- Social behaviour towards us
- Work abilities
- Mental stability
- Eating and drinking habits (she always eats and drinks and always on time)

We also want the following properties "to improve":
- Social behaviour towards "strangers" (She can sometimes be overprotective, of her pack)
- Wrists (should not get weaker)

Finally we do not want:
- The dogs to be smaller
- Genetic diversity to be reduced

Mating: August 19, 2009
(on the 15th day of her heat)
Birth date: late October 2009 (expected)


October 7, 2009 - 7 weeks pregnant

October 14, 2009 - 8 weeks pregnant


October 20, 2009 - Kalirraq's Agna is born at 20:30.


October 27, 2009 - 1 week old

November 3, 2009 - 2 weeks old

November 11, 2009 - 3 weeks old

November 18, 2009 - 4 weeks old

December 1, 2009 - 6 weeks old

December 30, 2009 - 10 weeks old